How to care for your pearls bracelets and pearls jewelry ?

How to care for your pearls bracelets and pearls jewelry ?

When you buy some pearls jewelry like pearls bracelets ,freshwaterpearls necklaces,freshwaterpearls earrings ,do you know how to care for them ?

Here are some small tips to help you care for your freshwaterpearls jewelry :

  • Wear your pearl bracelets often, as they benefit from the natural oils in your skin. However, avoid wearing them when you are doing activities that may expose them to chemicals, dirt, or abrasion, such as gardening, cleaning, or sports.

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  • Wait until you have applied your personal care products, such as perfume, lotion, or hairspray, before putting on your pearl bracelets. These products may contain acids or alcohols that can damage the nacre of the pearls
  • Wipe your pearl bracelets with a soft cloth after each use to remove any sweat, dust, or residue. You can also use a drop of water to moisten the cloth if needed. Do not rub too hard or use abrasive materials.


  • Avoid layering your pearl bracelets with other metal or gemstone jewelry, as they may scratch the surface of the pearls. If you want to wear multiple bracelets, choose ones that are made of similar materials or have smooth edges.



  • Store your pearl bracelets in a separate pouch or box, away from other objects that may harm them. You can use a soft cloth, linen, or velvet to wrap them or line the container. Do not store them in plastic bags or containers, as they may trap moisture and cause mildew


  • Clean your pearl bracelets with a mild soap and a soft brush only when necessary, such as when they have stains or dirt that cannot be removed by wiping. Use only mineral water or distilled water to rinse them, as tap water may contain chlorine or other chemicals that can harm the pearls. Dry them carefully with a soft towel and let them air dry completely before storing them.

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  • Never use harsh cleaners, detergents, ammonia, bleach, or baking soda to clean your pearl bracelets. These substances can dissolve the nacre and ruin the luster of the pearls.


  • Avoid exposing your pearl bracelets to extreme heat or cold, as they may cause the pearls to crack or change color. Keep them away from direct sunlight, radiators, air conditioners, or freezers.


  • Have your pearl bracelets restrung every year or two if they are worn frequently. The thread may stretch or weaken over time and cause the pearls to loosen or fall off. Choose a professional jeweler who can restring them with knots between each pearl to prevent them from rubbing against each other.


  • Enjoy your pearl bracelets and appreciate their beauty and uniqueness. Pearls are natural gems that have been valued for centuries for their elegance and charm. They can enhance any outfit and occasion with their grace and glow

I hope these tips help you take good care of your pearl bracelets. If you want to learn more about pearls, you can visit the our website and learn more freshwaterpearls jewelry

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