10 Tips to distinguish real pearls from fake pearls

10 Tips to distinguish real pearls from fake pearls

Most of people like pearls .When we order pearls jewelry ,how to distinguish reals pearls from fake pearls ? Here are 10 tips to teach you to choose real pearls jewelry .


Most of Nature pearls shape is not irregular.Every pearl has itself unique shape.But fake pearls shape nearly are the same .

The shape and size of natural pearls are not exactly the same, there are oval, oblate, etc. but the shape and size of fake pearls are nearly the same, as if they were made in a machine.


Grab a handful of pearls with your hands and rub them gently so that the surfaces of the pearls rub against each other. If they feel sandy and fine, they are natural pearls.while the surface of artificial pearls is often very smooth without sandy feeling.

3,Patterns on surface

Natural pearls have been produced over a long period of time, and there are some weathering patterns on the surface, which are inconsistent in thickness and look like sand dunes blown by the wind.while artificial pearls can see eggshell-like coatings.

4,Pearls holes

The natural pearl holes are more natural and neat, and the edges are also very clear.while the fake ones are like artificial polishing marks, similar to the feeling of coating, which looks much rougher.


5,Rubbing by hands

When two pearls are rubbed against each other, real pearls will feel a bit rough, and pearl powder can be produced with a little force.while fake pearls are easy to slip when rubbed, without sandy feeling, and at the same time, pearl powder will not be ground out

6,Pearl halo

Put the pearl on the phone's flashlight light, then turn on the camera function of another phone, point the screen at the pearl, and turn down the brightness. Natural pearls will have a red halo, but fake pearls have no red halo and are very dark because the surface coating is not translucent.

7,Hydrochloric Acid

After dropping a few drops of hydrochloric acid solution on the surface of the real pearl, a real chemical reaction will occur and some bubbles will be generated.while the fake pearl will have no reaction.

8,Fire burnning

Burn the pearls in an open flame. If it is a natural pearl, it does not have any peculiar smell and is prone to blackening, but after being wiped, the surface will immediately return to its original color, while fake pearls are prone to peculiar smell and lack luster.


At the same height of 60 centimeters, natural pearls can bounce back to a height of about 35 centimeters, while under the same conditions, fake pearls will rebound much less 35cm due to differences in density and weight.


There are very few pearls without blemishes. You can use a magnifying glass to observe the blemishes or rings on the surface of the pearls. After foreign matter invades the nacre layer, a blemish will bulge on the surface. If it is flawless and without blemishes, it is generally a fake pearl.

Could the 10 tips help you learn more pearls knowlegde? Do you know the difference between the real pearls and fake pearls now?

When you buy pearls jewelry like freshwaterpearls earrings ,freshwaterpearls necklaces or freshwaterpearls bracelets ,you can distinguish whether you buy real pearls according to those 10 tips .


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